Episode 36

What's Funny w/ LongBeachGriffy


December 23rd, 2019

1 hr 5 mins 49 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

LongBeachGriffy, the popular and raunchy YouTuber comedian, joins the latest episode of That's Dope! He and Godswill talk about how he got on YouTube, music concerts, anime to watch, and much more in a sweet hour of laughs and fun.

How Godswill and Griffy became friends (1), making YouTube videos (2), Vine (3), PokemonGo in the Hood (3). Manscaped (4), criticism of edgy videos (5), Dave Chappelle special (6), Political Correctness (7), Twitter (10), Follow Heavenly Controller and Daquan Wiltshire (11), black people watching anime (12), first time watching anime (13), Dragon Ball (14), Code Geass and Demon Slayer (15), One Piece (16), manga spoilers (18), Gurren Lagann & Kids on the Slope (22), The Promised Neverland & Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans (24), Gundam Wing (26), One Piece Tokyo Tower experience (26), Tokyo trip (28), Griffy parties (32), Christmas plans (33), DreamCon (34), ImDontai (35), recognized on the street (37), friendship with the black creators (42), Day in Vegas concert & Camp Flognaw (43), J. Cole is boring? (47), Kanye (49), favorite music genre (51), roller skating (53), Exploring LA (55), Apex Legends (56), PlayStation first time (58) LongBeachGriffy big announcement (1:01)

Music by KarpaBeats

If you get offended easily, you might not want to check out his videos!
LongBeachGriffy: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWiY6fYdxuEe78r-0uFCnhA
Heavenly Controller: https://www.youtube.com/user/HeavenlyController
Daquan Wiltshire: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtA9NW3AJMEfNE1QCO2IPrw

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