Episode 35

Deus Ex Machina w/ Comic Drake


December 18th, 2019

1 hr 56 mins 59 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

Creator & personality Comic/Trailer Drake is on the podcast with co-hosts Josh and Sam in the first edition of the Dallas production. You're going to hear the full Drake backstory, back-and-forth about comics, the nuts and bolts of producing a Youtube channel, and good dose of personal theories.
Check out the Comic Drake channel and find him @TrailerDrake on social media.

Music by Karpa Beats

07 Youtube and the platform now (3)
Josh’s password (7)
Mid-level Youtube sensation & burnout (9)
Choosing comic content (12)
Batman: Arkham (15)
Taking time off for mental health (18)
Writing process and collabs (20)
Inside comics (25)
DC - Gods trying to be men (34)
Simulation theories v1 (37)
Being wrong on the internet (49)
Producing a channel (1:04)
Drake: Origins (1:10)
Life experience in 2016 (1:25)
The inhabitable zone of youtube (1:32)
Iinformational integrity (1:37)
Simulation theories v2 (1:49)

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