Episode 37

The Best of the Decade w/ The Best Hosts


December 30th, 2019

2 hrs 23 mins 34 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

That's Dope brings its best hosts together for a super decade-end episode! Godswill, Joshua, Sam, and Justin reunite to share their opinions on the 2010s with best movies, music, and shows. And they share their own evolutions that happened through the decade for a feel-good vibe. Listen to the four hosts as they jam and share your own best-of lists with them!

Episode 4 (2) with ALL THE HOSTS

The Sega Dreamcast of podcasts (5)
That’s Dope! podcast recap (7)
Games as an online meeting point (11)
Shows, games & movies of the decade (14)
Changes in tech - Zune, Ventrilo, (21)
Disney and remakes (32)
Kanye - artist of the decade (39)
kendrick, gambino, frank ocean (45)
Hedonistic treadmill (52)
Top 3 movies of the decade (56)
Get out & race relations, identity (1:03)
Immigrant culture (?) (1:15)
Pivotal moments of the decade (1:24)
Josh’s fighting (1:35)

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