Episode 34

Back at it! Season 2 Start w/ Bill


December 9th, 2019

1 hr 13 mins 8 secs

Season 2

Your Host

About this Episode

That's Dope podcast is back after a long hiatus! Godswill successfully moved to LA and brought on his big bro, Bill Butts, for the first episode. Listen to Godswill's thoughts about moving to Los Angeles, Bill's expertise in acting, and so much more in this return to the podcast!

Catch Bill Butts as Bakuzan in One Punch Man S2 & Hot Dog in Shenmue III!
Be sure to check out Zeno Robinson as Cyborg in Young Justice & Genya in Demon Slayer!

Muscle roulette (3), Nakakon (4), bodybuilding (6), Final Fantasy 7 (10), Role Play (17), the Joker (20:30), The Killing Joke (27), Bane (32), Black people in anime (35), Zeno shoutout (38:30), voice acting Gundam Thunderbolt (40), Shenmue (44), how to act (48), food and money in LA (58), Solar eclipse (1:03)

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