Episode 32

Game On w/ Jeremiah


September 4th, 2019

2 hrs 28 mins 55 secs

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About this Episode

We bring on Godswill's old coworker, Jeremiah, to talk about his illustrious career in the nerd world. From Blockbuster, SEGA, and GameStop and with experiences with IGN, G4TV, E3, Kotaku, and many other gaming hallmarks, Jeremiah has many stories that you'll enjoy even as a non-gamer. From the emotional start with Godswill's announcement to the very end where we reminisce over good communities and controllers, it's a great episode that gamers and casuals alike will love.

Follow Jeremiah on Twitch and help his charitable causes! https://www.twitch.tv/WehlerDealer

Music by KarpaBeats

What Godswill will do (1), 50000 Tons of Metal Cruise (2), Tool album (3), Half-Life 3 (6), new career opportunities (9), Chappelle Special Sticks and Stones (11), moving out and moving back (16), Who is Jeremiah (18), Mexico City w/ Konami and Sega (20), Metal Gear Survive (23), Mafia Wars, The Sims, Oblivion (25), Staying up to date and staying young- Daywalker (29), college days and starting with video industry (33), how Godswill and Josh met (37), preordering games (39), World of Warcraft Classic (41), how g&J met, G4TV, and E3 (45), celebrities using their voice (48), Hulk Hogan (50), working at Blockbuster in 2002 (52), meeting with video game press (56), getting starstruck and street teams w/ System of A Down & Slayer (58), how to talk nto famous/important people (1:03), Polyphia (1:08), fighting as a conservation (1:10), playing evil in games & Fallout games (1:18), controllers and playing games (1:23), Jeremiah's favorite game Ico (1:33), new God of War (1:38), Journey, GTA 5, Red Dead (1:39), San Andreas (1:45), what games can do today (1:49), Brothers A Tale of Two Sons (1:50), different generations (1:54), skin care (1:57), take care of health (1:59), working in the nerd world (2:03), in-fighting in nerd culture (2:08), Closing (2:15) WehlerDealer Twitch, Dark Souls community (2:19), League of Legend (2:21)

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