Episode 31

Too Much Goin' On w/ Zain, Jerome, Hunter, and Zach


August 18th, 2019

1 hr 56 mins 44 secs

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About this Episode

This episode is a lot. We have the most amount of guests we've ever had (with even some guests you can't hear because they don't have a mic) and we bounce around with a ton of topics because we just had ramune and we're ready to talk! We bring on our friend Zain to talk about his new career paths, current events and the politics behind them, we talk about recent and old music hits, and much more. There's too much fun to be had in this episode!

Music by KarpaBeats

Mass Shooter (2), becoming police (4), distractions on social media (8), mental illness as cases (10), criticism of country (12), ASAP Rocky (14), Trump distractions (16), UK Prime Minister (18), racism in Europe (20), racism we experience (24), diversity in media (29), Gary Vee (31), Zain's spiral into depression (35), how Zain got into Team GaryVee (40), quitting jobs (44), working with the team (46), What's the worst that can happen (49), LinkedIn (52), memory and dates (54), music Freddie Gibbs, Cordae (55), Chance album (58), best new artist curse (59), Damn! and Kendrick Lamar (1:02), best ad libs in rap (1:06), TDE rap group (1:07), Asher Roth (1:10), concerts (1:11), Lupe Fiasco The Cool (1:15), dap (1:17), smiling in pictures (1:20), Kanye West (1:22), favorite albums (1:28), artist frustrations Eminem & Lupe Fiasco (1:30), The Cool part 2 (1:33), old hip-hop music Juelz Santana, Dipset (1:40), evolution of hip-hop (1:46),

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