Episode 96

The Queen of the WWE


November 28th, 2022

1 hr 57 mins 59 secs

Season 3

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About this Episode

We were graced by the queen of the WWE, Thea Trinidad AKA Zelina Vega, and we geeked out fully about Naruto! We get to learn what she thinks about her wrestling career, why Naruto is her favorite anime, and so much more in this powerful episode

1 - No one to talk anime with
2- traveling for wrestling
4- WWE umbrella and mix of performance vs scripting
8- wrestlers as one take actors
11- Ronda Roussey
14- mental health
16- video games (RE5 & Sonic Adventures 2)
19- Fake nerds
22- bringing Naruto into wrestling
26- Madara and Rengoku costumes
31- Neji in Shippuden
33- Hating Naruto characters
42- wishes from Dragon Ball dragon
44- Itachi as a sociopath
50- Sasuke as a sociopath
53- Naruto hip-hop
57- anime husbandos
1:01- Yashahime
1:05- Meeting Rengoku VA
1:13- favorite anime VA
1:19- favorite DBZ moments
1:23- family into anime
1:27- bringing Neji back to life
1:38- Demon Slayer cosplaying with cats

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