Episode 91

The Nerd Bite


April 28th, 2022

1 hr 46 mins 24 secs

Season 3

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About this Episode

VampyBitMe joins the podcast and gets right into her favorite passions: Monster Hunter, Gundam, anime, making the nerd community better, and so much more. This episode will get you hype along with us!

1-Monster Hunter Sunrise
6- weapon of choice in MH
8- Who is Vampy- xanga, cosplay
13- immigrant parents and growing in a small town
21- Suncoast and Evangelion and FLCL
24- Kingdom Hearts fandom
26- Getting into Gundam
33- gundam games
40- model kits- gunpla, zoids
50- cosplay and fandom communities
56- toxicity in fandoms
1:04- meaning in life after COVID
1:07- FOMO mental health online
1:15- calling friends and being connected
1:18- being nice on the internet
1:24- favorite TMNT and the 80s
1:31- being old and having kids
1:35- online personas

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