Episode 68

The Many Faces of AlvinChipmoi


April 23rd, 2021

1 hr 2 mins 15 secs

Season 3

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About this Episode

The introduction of the the That's Dope crew continues with Alvin aka AlvinChipmoi who runs the Facebook page! We go through how Alvin got his own YouTube started and how he stays on top of social media. Peer into the mind of AlvinChipmoi in this episode!

Follow AlvinChipmoi at his TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@alvinchipmoi_?

Music by KarpaBeats

COVID Vaccine - 4m
AlvinChipmoi Persona - 6m
TikTok - 9m
Video ideas - 10m
Sleep paralysis - 11m
No Nut November - 13m
Different personalities in skits - 17m
Memes on the TD page - 23m
Lessons during quarantine for content growth - 26m
GameStop stock - 30m
New ideas for social media - 33m
DreamCon - 36m
Favorite meme - 39m
Watching cartoons now and back in the day - 42m
Pokemon anime - 43m
Digimon - 46m
YouTube anime - 49m
Attack on Titan - 58m

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