Episode 63

WATASHI GA KITA! w/ Leon Chiro


November 18th, 2020

2 hrs 5 mins 21 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

Leon Chiro, one of the most famous male international cosplayers, joins the podcast with Godswill to reminisce over great adventures in the past, to talk about how nerd culture has inspired him to cosplay and get strong, his inspirations in wrestling, and much more!

Follow Leon here: https://www.instagram.com/leonchiro/
Watch Leon's Twitch streams here: https://www.twitch.tv/leonchiro

intro (2)
How we met (3)
Favorite Jojo's- Joseph (5)
Favorite Jojo's Part 5 (8)
Italy and Jojo's (11)
Joseph cosplay story (15)
How long to make cosplay process (16) - Aguilar from Assassin's Creed (19)
Doing charity as Starlord cosplay (22)
Dio cosplay mentality (25)
Life is a video game (30)
Italian dialects and US slang (33)
Favorite countries (39)
Wrestling and being bullied (50)
Evolution Dave Bautista, Rick Flair, Randy Orton (55)
SIW Wrestling Start (58)
Wrestling techniques (1:01
PS5 Woes (1:08)
and FF7R Celebration (1:10)
Crusu Core (1:19)
Last of Us II and
Platinum Trophies- Dead Space 2, Demon's Souls, Crash Bandicoot, (1:27)
Games that changed the world- The Witcher 3, Genshin Impact, Devil May Cry 5, Kingdom Hearts (1:38)
Bill story- Cioccolata (1:44)
First anime - DBZ, FMAB, HxH (1:48)

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