Episode 60



October 27th, 2020

1 hr 13 mins 38 secs

Season 2

Your Host

About this Episode

Nerdcore rapper DEACONRAP joins the podcast from a wrestling collectible store to tell us about his upcoming EP, his passions in wrestling and nerd culture, and much more.

Follow DEACONRAP: https://www.instagram.com/deaconrap/
Hear DEACONRAP: https://soundcloud.com/deacon-rap/

Music by KarpaBeats
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Introduction (1)
Where Da Waifu (2)
Rapping (3)
New Album (4)
Favorite anime Yu Yu Hakusho
Con Touring (7)
LoudFest Top 100 Artist (9)
Cinematic Universe (10)
Wrestling figurines store (14)
First wrestling experience (15)
John Cena (16)
Language Learning (18)
San Antonio Anthem (19)
Drinking Problem by Midland music video (20)
Biggest musical influences: Eminem, Eddie Cruzer, more (22)
Friends bringing the chair behind the scenes (23)
Favorite cosplays- White Power Ranger, Walter White, Krillin (25)
YuGiOh Cards (28)
Performing during Pandemic (30)
New Album redo (35)
Tory Lanez (37)
Godswill's Favorite Rappers (39)
Crazy cosplayer burning cars (41)
Taking rejection (43)
Nascar changes (44)
Car enthusiast (45)
Dukes of Hazard (46)
Controversial Flags (51)
Election and bilingualism (55)
Being a teacher (57)
Problems in America (59)
Anime and IRL (1:02)
Rap from first song (1:04)
Suggestions for getting into Wrestling - Monday Night Raw 2006 (Ruthless Agression) (1:05)
Attitude Era Closing (1:11)

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