Episode 57

Perspective of a Pornstar in Portland during the Pandemic w/ LanaBee


September 20th, 2020

58 mins 8 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

LanaBee, PornHub model and cosplayer, joins Godswill (and introducing Matt as a cohost) to talk about her perspectives as a sex worker, a content creator, and an activist while in the heart of environmental and social contention, Portland. We go through all these topics and more in this episode!

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Music by KarpaBeats

Who is LanaBee
Tarantula collecting
Spider bite (1)
Name origin (3)
Keeping time as a content creator (4)
Hannibal TV Show (6)
Favorite TV Show (7)
Favorite Anime (8)
Artist (8)
Hellblade (10)
Horror Games (12)
Types of Horror (14)
Favorite Holidays (16)
Halloween Plans (17)
Favorite Horror movies (18)
First social media platforms for LB (21)
Stripper Days (22)
Homeless (24)
Bella Thorne (25)
BT explained more (29)
Experience in Sex Work (31)
Cosplay Times (37)
Favorite Anime (38)
BLM in Portland (39)
Ooblets Game (44)
Among Us (46)
Python (47)
Ferret (49)
Closing (50)

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