Episode 47

High Stakes Storylines w/ The Night Sky Prince


May 3rd, 2020

1 hr 49 mins 52 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

Ryan Johnson aka The Night Sky Prince is back on the podcast with Josh & Sam after working overtime to cover the Final Fantasy 7 remake. How was the FF7 remake? What makes a series keep you on the edge of your seat? Are alien robots people? Found out what the guys think on this episode of the That's Dope Podcast.

FF7 remake 0:01
The NSP review 0:03
VATS in FF 0:10
Coop game development 0:13
Retro console debate 0:16
Revisiting Zelda lore 0:18
Majora’s Mask 0:22
NieR: Automata 0:29
Obligatory talk about UFOs 0:31
That’s Dope: Science Channel 0:36
Are Androids people? 0:45
Gamecube era 0:55
Tales of Symphonia 1:00
High stakes storylines 1:08
Inevitable anime talk - power scaling 1:14
Hunter x Hunter 1:24
Outro 1:45

Music by KarpaBeats

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