Episode 25

DreamHack Adventures with Dan


June 10th, 2019

1 hr 32 mins 10 secs

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About this Episode

We finally bring on our video editor, Dan Fajardo, as a guest on the podcast to talk about how dope DreamHack was, video games, failing in the real world, and having a good mindset to take you through challenges. It's a fun episode where it's all about gaming at first then gets heavy with philosophy at the end, that's all worth it.

See Dan's work on our page and on his Twitter at @EditsByDan

Music by KarpaBeats

Dan intro (1), DreamHack Score (3.5), Favorite part- Seven Lions (5), Saturday Experience (6), Brawl Stars (9), Sunday night (12.5), CSGO Finale (13.5), e-sports and their players (17.5), gaming today vs today (22), DreamHack overall (30), gamification of cons (33), E3 (34), Hard games and unsettling old games (38), Sekiro and Resident Evil 4 (42), fired from Funimation (47), Smash at Dream Con (51), being an adult now (56), focused on title fight (58), mindset in competitions (1:00), mindset with failure (1:10), ebb and flow of good and bad (1:15)

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