Episode 18

Friendship Is Magic


March 23rd, 2019

1 hr 41 mins 31 secs

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About this Episode

The two bring on their friend and artist, Skye! As the creator of the logo and other art pieces of That's Dope, she explains how she met Godswill and eventually Josh, her growth in art to where she has now won awards, and much much more.

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Skye our friend (1), Skyrim and anime (4), how we met Skye (7), personality and no personality (9), Skye's accolades (17), The Sims (19), Kingdom Hearts and Goofy Movies (21), adolescense (24), personality pt 2 (28), vaping (34), being nerds (39), philosophies and opinions (42), Skye's Start (45), Old games like MapleStory and GunBound (46), Online dating and meeting Justin (51), love languages (57), Words of affirmation to Godswill (1:02), anime (1:05), My Little Pony (1:08), Skye's tattoos (1:14), Don't Starve, This War of Mine, Fallout NV (1:18), Skyrim (1:26), LOTR adn Godfather (1:31), Dreamhack (1:35)

Music by KarpaBeats

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