Episode 15

Smashology w/ Karna


February 3rd, 2019

1 hr 18 mins 38 secs

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About this Episode

We bring in one of the top players of Super Smash Bros., Karna, to talk to us about how to git gud in the newest game. We go in-depth with becoming one of the best and losing. We chat about what goes on in his mind while playing. We even discuss some vacation ideas and business ventures.

Not only do we get tips on how to play better in the game, we get tips on how to be better in life. Even if you're not a heavy player in video games, there's a lot to glean from this episode!

Karna Introduction (1), The Road to TGC 2 (2), Loss to Denti (5), being good at games (6), Larry Ler (10), Competing when young (12), Losing (14), Underdog/Awestin (19), attitude when playing (21), patterns that make you lose (25), problem characters (26), Karna's characters/randoms (29), fundamental training/tips (31), who is Karna (39), Costa Rica trip (43), RPGs (46), Netflix dominance (50), Josh in MMA (57), Comparisons in FGC and Fighting (1:02), Chrom (1:06), Character Diversity (1:07), Why Smash vs other FGC (1:09)

Music by KarpaBeats

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