Episode 11

What It Means To Be Real with Kimmie D


November 5th, 2018

1 hr 46 mins 46 secs

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About this Episode

YouTuber and Instagram dear, Kimmie D, joins the duo to talk about living a real life. We talk about what it means to have fun in life, her success on social media, battles with depression, friends and lovers made in the content creation realm, and more! Towards the end, we really get into it with anime and video games as we tend to.

Being yourself (4), Watching anime/Naruto (6), ASMR (8), Slime (11), Kimmie's Channel (15), Meeting Caleb and RDC (22), dating (27), depression (30), Content Creator (34), drawing (39), Content Creation pt 2 & social media (43), Awkward creators and MHA (50), Anime (52), Japan (56), One Piece and Anime pt 2 (1:01), Naruto (1:02), One Piece (1:14), My Hero Academia (1:19), Super Smash Bros (1:31),

Music by KarpaBeats

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